Passing a Kidney Stone: The Safe, Natural and Pain Free Way to Pass Kindey Stones

While many people are fortunate enough to pass kidney stones without notice, others have a traumatic and excruciatingly painful experience with these pesky formations. Whether it’s the waves of pain in the lower body or painful urination, it’s no wonder passing a kidney stone is often compared with child birth or been stabbed repeatedly with a sharp blade. Furthermore the sight of blood in the urine can often add a dose of psychological pain to the mix. Kidney stone pain and the surrounding symptoms are certainly no laughing matter.


With lacklustre pain medication and alpha blockers been the main medical solution to smaller stones, it’s no wonder people often turn to alternative remedies to find out how to pass a kidney stone. The cost and potential need for surgery for larger stones also sees sufferers searching for an alternative solution form of kidney stone treatment.

While I can’t, unfortunately, click my fingers and make your kidney stones vanish, I can hopefully help those looking for an easier and less costly way to pass a kidney stone.

About two months ago I woke up in agonizing pain in my lower abdomen and had to be taken to the ER department. They performed an x-ray and said I had a kidney stone that was around 6mm. The doctor said it was probably too big to pass on my own and I’d need surgery. In the meantime I was prescribed some pain medication and told to drink plenty of water.

While the pain medication certainly helped, the pain was still excruciating. It would come in waves and make me want to curl up into a ball. I also started feeling nauseous the next day and vomited a number of times. I was certainly in for some sleepless nights.

I was desperate for a quicker solution and thought I’d have a look on the internet for stories of how others had coped with kidney stones. This initially caused me some fright when I came across the fact I was likely to suffer more in the future. I didn’t want to through this agony ever again!

I did come across a few natural home remedies for kidney stones while I was looking, some of them been quite bizarre. With the potential expensive medical bill heading my way and both the pain and emotional cost of surgery, I thought I’d look into a few of them to see if any of them were a shot. What harm could it do? If I found one, I’d potentially avoid hospitalization and the potential complications that could occur in surgery. Plus I’d read surgery wasn’t always 100% successful. I could end up spending thousands and have the problem remain or have it reoccur.

I came across a product called the Kidney Stone Removal Report. It was by Joe Barton, a self-described natural health researcher. He claimed he’d managed to discover and perfect a safe and natural home remedy that could dissolve kidney stones into tiny sand-like elements. He said thousands of people had managed to use this remedy with great success. The best part was that it was apparently pain free.

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I wasn’t looking to pay for a solution to discover how to pass a kidney stone at the time. Plus the claims been made had set my alarm bells ringing. However, I was intrigued so continued reading his website.

He described the remedy as involving drinking two litres of a common household beverage. This would go to the kidneys and cause a reaction, dissolving the stones and turning them into sludge. The next step involves eating an everyday green vegetable that would need to be cooked and processed in a blender. This second part would cause the sludge to be flushed out in urine.

This sounded different to say the least and you have to wonder why the medical community wouldn’t use this process if it was so effective. He tries to answer this point by saying they tend to be sceptical of homes remedies. He also claims they wouldn’t make as much money if they revealed this method of passing kidney stones. This seemed a little bit harsh on the medical community and put me off purchasing the report.


The Kidney Stone Removal Report

The thing that changed my mind was the fact he included information about what would happen if his remedy didn’t work. He posts two emails of customers thanking him for his quick response in providing each of them with refunds. This certainly seems out of place in a sales letter, but he clearly states it’s only effective in 80% of cases. If the treatment did fail, he said you could receive a full refund if you claim within 60 days.

There are a few factors that will determine whether the remedy is going to be effective. The first point he mentions is that the stones must be of the Calcium Oxalate variety, the most common form of kidney stone (80%). Furthermore, if the kidney stones are larger than 7mm, there’s less chance of this kidney stone treatment been effective. The last point is that those with more than two kidney stones are less likely to see results with the remedy.

I liked the author’s honesty here and thought I’d give the report a chance. If it didn’t work, I could always claim a refund.

I was able to access and download the report immediately after purchase. It’s a 41 page report, split into five chapters. The first chapter jumps right into the author’s natural remedy. The second chapter has some frequently asked questions about those suffering from kidney stones. There are some additional home remedies for kidney stones provided in chapter three that you can attempt if the remedy in chapter one is unsuccessful. The last two chapters deal with preventing future kidney stones by cleansing your kidneys and following a certain diet.

What you’re really interested in though is whether the remedy was effective. It certainly did involve two common household items and while I didn’t have either in at the time, they were inexpensive and I was able to pick them up at a local grocery store. I followed the instructions, which were laid out in a straightforward manner. Within three hours my pain had subsided and, while it took another two attempts to fully dissolve my kidney stone, the treatment worked. Indeed, an x-ray later that week confirmed the kidney stone was gone.

I was able to avoid surgery and free myself from the pain all from the comfort of my own home. I was ecstatic to say the least.

While I can’t promise it will work for you too, I did want to take the time and let others know of the existence of this remedy. It isn’t guaranteed to work, as the author makes clear, but for those facing surgery or struggling to pass a stone at home, it’s certainly worth a shot. With the 60 day money back guarantee you can always get a refund.

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I would like to thank you for reading my story and wish those currently suffering from a kidney stone a pain free process.

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